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Hi, my name is Daniel Morad

I’m a Canadian race car driver living in Toronto, Canada. A competitive spirit started my racing career when I was 8 years old, and keeps it going today.

A lot of people ask me what I do in life. For most race car drivers, it’s a pretty straight forward question. Aside from being a World Karting Champion, Formula BMW Champion and a 2017 Rolex 24 Hour at Daytona Winner, I try to be more than just a race car driver. So of course, I am a Canadian race car driver from Toronto, but that is a pretty vague answer.

Well, when I’m not racing around the world, I am a Brand Ambassador for Sonax Canada, a Race Coach for gentlemen drivers and young up-and- coming talent, a Driving Instructor for several manufacturers and a Public Speaker for all things related to racing, performance, driving tips and self-motivation. I am also extremely passionate about photography and videography. I am self-taught and love to create unique content, not only for my own social media platforms, but for others as well. 

It's important to keep in shape away from the track. When I was 10 years old, my peers made fun of me for being a little chubby. I quickly decided to do something about it and joined my local soccer club. I continue to play to this day in drop ins and Sunday leagues. I also love playing hockey. I mean, I am Canadian after all. I play tennis, golf and squash as well. Okay let’s clarify this, I am a sports junkie!

I am also the Co-Founder of Moradness, a lifestyle brand motivated by motorsport and focused on apparel, headwear and karting experiences.




Daniel Morad Joins AVS Autosport For Road Atlanta

Daniel Morad will join AIM Vasser Sullivan for next weekend’s Grand Prix at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta as part of a driver lineup shuffle within the two-car Lexus GT Daytona squad.





Committed to Performance

I have been coaching for the past 7 years for different car manufactures, driving experiences and race car drivers. Whether you are a track day enthusiast, a new comer to racing or already have experience, I can help you improve your comfort and confidence behind the wheel and most importantly your lap times. I strongly believe in video analysis to perfect your technique. Specializing in sports cars, road cars, go karts and open wheel cars. Contact me for inquiries.

Public Speaking

Sharing knowledge and passion

People who know me will tell you that I am a very outgoing and generous about teaching others. I love to share my knowledge and experience from motorsport. When I do public speaking, I either talk about a specific subject related to racing or a more global one related to being an athlete, whether it is a motivational talk or a life story. My past public speaking topics include "digitalization in motorsport" and a motivation talk on "how to overcome adversity as an athlete". I speak in front of different crowds such as students, corporations and car clubs.


Photography & Videography

Exceeding Expectations

Both are passions of mine and it's my way to express my creativity and think outside the box. I shoot with a professional mirrorless digital camera and a drone to create unique Instagram stories and promotional videos. I also take care of all my brand partnerships photos. My goal is to find the best story to tell through a picture or a video. I like to think ahead and develop different ways to share my vision. I currently shoot all the Moradness campaigns and product pictures, I create my own social media videos to share about my racing career and I get hired by different companies to help them with their videography needs. I recently created a promotional video for a real estate firm in Toronto.


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